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Review - 9.6 /10

  • The Halo Rover is an absolute beast that is taking the hoverboard community by storm. First off, it is enclosed with a certified LG battery. Its 8.5 inch rugged non-inflatable tires are able to take on any terrain with ease, and it's easily the safest board to own. It is fully UL 2272 certified, which means no fire or issues with the board. The reviews from customers have been very positive. It includes an APP and Bluetooth. What more can we say? We have all fallen in love with the Halo Rover .
  • If you are looking for the safest and most reliable hoverboard, it is the Halo Rover. The Halo Rover, like all their products, comes with a 12 month warranty. It is fully UL 2272 certified and is the most durable of the bunch. Through our battery of tests on the board, we have concluded that this is the best quality board to be made to date and thus takes the Best Hoverboard spot at #1.

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Review - 9.1 /10

  • The Halo Go 2 has made a name for itself as one of the most reliable and safest hoverboards on the market. It is fully UL2272 safety certified and has gone through a 156 point inspection test. They are enclosed with certified LG batteries in their hoverboards, and include a 12 month warranty. Halo Go 2 has hauled in the best reviews online, and that can be attributed to stellar customer service and satisfaction. The Halo Go 2 is one of the few hoverboards today that include Bluetooth, allowing you to blast music to your board. Their sleek chrome designs and rubber protective padding are a major plus that make the Halo Go 2 a safe buy.
  • The only ding to the Halo Go 2 is that it doesn't include an APP like the Halo Rover does.
  • They may be priced slightly higher than some models out there, but these are quality products, and one of the best hoverboards on the market. With a 10 mile ride range and one hour charge time, you’ll never have to worry about having too much down time between rides. Through our hands-on inspection, we found that every single Halo Go 2 out there was made with quality parts and LG batteries. This could be the reason we have never heard of a Halo Go 2 having any major issues, and consumers are enchanted with the board. We have to agree with customers on this as we have ranked the Halo Go 2 at #2 on our Best Hoverboard list.


Review - 8.6 /10

  • Segway has a great reputation for its customer service and creating quality products. This Segway in particular is smooth and built to last.
  • Its biggest knock is that it's not enclosed with an LG battery and instead has a standard Chinese battery.
  • Is it great quality? Yes, but that quality doesn’t come with an assurance of having a warranty just in case you have concerns with the product. Although it may be one of the most popular boards, it will never best the #1 hoverboard due to not being enclosed with LG battery cells.


Review - 8.4 /10

  • The High Roller hoverboard is an up and coming UL 2272 and UL 2271 certified self-balancing scooter. It comes in three colors and sports all terrain tires. Packs battery power of 36V 4.4Ah with charging time of two to three hours.
  • While we like the styling and overall quality of the High Roller, it's still the new kid on the block. It doesn't pack a branded battery like LG or Samsung.
  • The High Roller is a decent hoverboard for its listed price; however, due to its mediocre design and Chinese battery, it ranks as #4 on our list. If you are looking to buy a new hoverboard and don't want to break the bank, the High Roller is a good choice.


Review - 7.5 /10

  • A smooth ride overall with an elegant look that includes a matte black finish. This hoverboard is fully UL2272 certified, which is a major plus. They do have a unique style and look to them due to the matte finish, which some prefer over the classic style of hoverboards.
  • HoverboardX doesn't come with a branded LG or Samsung battery. This is the main knock on the board. In addition, max speed is only 7MPH.
  • HoverboardX is a good board that is powered by LG batteries and will get you a decent two hours of ride time. The body is made of aluminum alloy, which helps with any potential cracks many hoverboards have been facing. Overall, the HoverboardX specs get it in our Top 5 Hoverboards Online.


Halo GO 2
High Roller
Power 800 WATTS 500 WATTS 800 WATTS 500 WATTS 350 WATTS
Max Speed 10 MPH 9 MPH 10 MPH 4 MPH 7 MPH

What to Look for When Buying a Hoverboard


When it comes to searching for the right hoverboard, start with the battery. Most of the lower end hoverboards are enclosed with cheap knock-off Chinese batteries that fail to operate the board properly. We at Best Reviews Online recommend searching for a hoverboard that has certified LG or Samsung batteries. These batteries contain cells that contact heat and won't allow the battery pack to overheat at high temperatures. A few reputable hoverboard companies were judicious and spent extra dollars by building with quality LG and Samsung batteries. There have never been reports of any hoverboard fires that have contained LG/Samsung batteries. On the contrary, recent Amazon Hoverboard fires did contain cheap Chinese batteries. Thus, Best Reviews no longer recommends Amazon Hoverboard.


Battery Cells and Quality

As consumers, our aim is to determine what peculiarities exist between models and brands that appear to be largely identical on the surface and sometimes sell at vastly different prices. Thus, quality of hoverboards should be on the list. The search for hoverboards has become a difficult discovery in that it’s impossible to know exactly who is making what, which brands are in copycat mode, and who is telling the truth. However, our recommendation is to first start with a company that has certified LG batteries. They uphold UL certification standards, and the extra battery seals protect the cells from any fire due to battery failure.


We recommend purchasing a hoverboard from a company that doesn't shy away from providing a warranty. A six month warranty should be in play at the minimum, to ensure you can still have technical assistance even months after your purchase. When looking to buy a hoverboard, make sure the warranty does cover most technical issues that might arise.

Not Recalled

It is an absolute must to now search for a board that is not on the recall list of the cpsc. While some of these boards were recalled initially, most of these companies have gotten proper certificates and are now back on the market. It is important to note that UL has come out with a UL 2272 certification for hoverboards, so make sure to look out for hoverboards that are UL 2272 compliant.

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